52 Weeks of Color: Week 19 - Umber aka my Strut Outfit

This was a hard color. Umber is an earthy brown and the shades can vary quite a bit. But what made the challenge fun is it was to prove a point. A friend once told me I'd look nice in a burlap sack. Since I couldn't find a wearable sack, I searched for Burlap.  When I did, I put the color next to the Umber thinger and voila..a look was found! Yay me!! I guess burlap does work for me? Maybe? *crooked smile*

Photography by Sin Lorefield for Pixel Perfect Photography
To me this outfit defines awesome sauce, exudes confidence and when I put it on...all I want to do is strut.  Puts me in the mindset of Nina Simone's "Feelin' Good", my new theme song. :D Anyway, the travel satchel on my back (sold separately) is well crafted and full of detail and just makes me enjoy the look that much more. It's like being an explorer and a fashion plate all at once! ^.^ To round out the look, I added a group giftie from LeLutka, one of my more favorite lip makeups and these little darlings here :) Behold Salience from Maitreya Gold!

Photo by Sin Lorefield for Pixel Perfect Photography

What I like about these shoes is that they are very much unique.  The level of detail on the snake (or is that alligator) skin strap is amazing. I love the feathers and how each piece of the shoe is crafted.  To me these are a work of art and I'm so glad they are in my collection.  Anywho...time to dash off! Math homework to tackle :D Happy Mother's Day all!! muahs!

<3 Kilo


shoes: Maitreya Gold * Salience V2.0 Boxed Brown
outfit: Burlap Wrap [ Hare's Hoard ] & Travel Pack [ Hare's Hoard ]
hair: [LeLutka]-RUSH hair FATPACK
lipstick: .:Glamorize:. Just a Kiss Lips - Sinful Brown

poses: apple spice


Sin May 8, 2011 at 6:44 PM  

Granted when you mentioned this outfit to me, the first thought was "umm, ok... you sure?"

The way it was made though and the way it flows off your body when you walk really made all the difference. No vanishing overlaying textures, and it swayed quite nicely around your ass. *always a plus in my book!*

So umm... when we doing a bikini shoot for summer? *hint hint*

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