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Hey Shop*gasmers.

Back in 2009, we started this blog as a way of doing something together in SL and having a blast while we do it.  Not only shopping but taking pics and just having fun working on a project together.

We never expected this blog to have any sort of following or for people to enjoy the posts.  For that we have been and always will be eternally grateful. But as with all things, good or bad, they come to an end.

Life happens...and sometimes it happens in the most unexpected ways.  Each of us have grown and changed over the years with some of the most wonderful events taking place in our lives.

Rose spends a lot more time in real life and we miss not seeing her inworld as much, but we talk to her as often as we can via facebook, skype and gmail.

Suite has become an amazing photog specializing in in-world shots and also opened her own store (DieNasty if you haven't seen it yet - check the marketplace!!).

As for Kilo?  Well, let's just say she's been mixing it up in both places and couldn't be happier. In fact, she and  Rose will finally meet in the land of flesh and bone next week!! Five years and those two are meeting face-to-face! If you see the four horsemen...WE'RE SORRY (okay maybe not...but didn't it sound sincere? :P)!!

As far as Shop*Gasm blog: this will our last post.  We may be back at some point; either with new projects or even back on this one refreshed and ready to rock a Shop*Gasm 2.0. Who knows?  But regardless of what we do, we're always going to be Shop*Gasmers at heart and look forward to the journeys on which we are each embarking.

Thank you for 3 amazing years! Don't forget to urf the epic store displays and always shop til you drop ;-)

Much love,
Suite, Rose and Kilo

p.s. We do have our shirts we had made ages ago for an event on sale on the martketplace...feel free to pick one (or a few) up!  Check it out here -

Hoodies : The Movement: In Memory Of Trayvon Martin

It all started with a simple statement on one of my dearest friends facebook status -  "You know what.. I think Ryder's going to be donning a hoodie all week next week" and that was the start of it all. 

I was in a skype call with my sister and her boo, and we went on the hunt for hoodies on Marketplace.  Kilo then scoured the land for a box of skittles and found one via a good friend of ours again.  2 simple things, and 1 that is turning into a movement, a call for action, and a need for justice across the United States, and North America for that matter.

If you have been living under a rock and have no idea what I am talking about, then maybe you should pick up a paper and read.  Turn on the TV and get informed.

The Million Man Hoodie March is spreading like wildfire across North American in memory of Trayvon Martin.  A young man in Florida who's life was taken too soon.

Trayvon Martins death has put spotlight on perceptions about hoodies

The assumption and perception that people who wear hoodies are "hooligans" or thugs, or violent, or any sort of negative connotation that you can think of is just ludicrous.  I really have no words to express my anger that this kind of stereotyping and racism STILL exists.

I will let the articles speak for themselves.  But before I do, I am proposing a blogger challenge.

Find a hoodie, and some skittles.  Take a picture.  Post them in Memory Of Trayvon Martin. Get informed that in no way is a fashion choice excuse enough to take someone's life.

My name is Suite, and today -- and all week, I PROUDLY wear a hoodie in Memory Of Trayvon.  Rest in Peace angel. ♥

Timeline of events.
George Zimmerman Could Walk?
He Never Picked A Fight
Thousands in Philly Join Million Hoodie March
Obama Calls For Soul Searching

Half Assed Blog - Not the Fashion tho, That's stellar

Stellar - My new overused phrase for the time being. It aptly describes this shirt from Zaara though. The shirt is perfect for spring AND it's an Exclusive for Fashion for Life (RFL) - So not only can you get "STELLAR" fashion, but it's a good cause too! You can't beat that!!! So, I'm going to link to the photo on Zaara's flickr because I'm still without a real computer to do my own photography, and well, lets face it, Zaara does some "stellar" photography anyway so, it's featured best in their ads anyway. By the way - The blouse is only 195L!!

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