Something About A Man In Chains...

Happy New Year!!!  Hope everyone has had a good one thusfar :)  Ok enough formalities...ON TO THE POST!

You ever have one of those moments when one of your favorite things is merged into fashion and when you see it, you...thud/fall out/drool a lot/think "I want him and him and him and OH him (or her if you're a man...into women..or a woman...into woman...YOU GET MY POINT lol) in THAT!?  Yeah...I saw the ad for this and one of the above scenarios may have taken place (or something unmentional lol...but that's neither here nor there). Then as I thought of who should wear this wonderful ensemble, I ran through the list of sexy men that I thought could pull it off...found him and BAM!  Here is the chain portion of EgoIsMe & Gabriel's Collab project: Fashion Victim.

Photography by SuiteLady Anton (DeCuir - if you search inworld) for Sinfully.Unique.Images

Our model Darian is sporting the leather pants, belt and chains (yes of my favorite things *le sigh*) included in this multi-piece ensemble.  Also included (but not seen here) are the fur & leather coat, and smoking hot torn tank and shirts, both with collar options.

While this photo doesn't really show the whole outfit or do the ad justice (ladies...when I say hot men in the new year to view...just go to EgoIsMe or Gabriel and look at their ads...YOU'LL SEE), I focused on my favorite parts of the look.

Their motto on the ad is "extravagance meet elegance" and I couldn't agree more.  The primwork and detail on the chains and belt are fabulous, the leather pants are snug without looking like one false move and ever string will pop and is something you can either wear fully on runway or pick apart and strut while coasting through the mean streets of SL Lag.

So ladies, if you like a little chain with your man, but still want him to be a little fashion forward, this grouping is for you!  Available on the EgoIsMe sim, the slurl below will show you the way ;)

Now...I'm going to go double check those chains for um chafing and placement ;)  Happy new year, y'all!!


♥ Miss K


Model - Darian
Outfit - EGO&GB Fashion Victim [SLurl]


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