Classic Black & Classy Names

When I saw her face, I thought, "timeless and statuesque".  When I saw the dress, I was immediately reminded of Audrey Hepburn and her movies "Sabrina" and "Breakfast and Tiffany's". So when I had the opportunity to blog them, I immediately knew together Artemis, Unique Megastore's newest skin & "Carrie" by Alloro would be the perfect fit.

What I like about Artemis outside of the full lip she conveys on every makeup are her freckles.  I know that seems silly, but on such an elegant oval face they really draw attention to themselves. The hairline isn't too jagged nor is it too straight so it has a very natural feel to it. I would have used the eyes that come with the skin, but I didn't feel the gray really did this skin justice.  Instead I used a wonderful set of eyes I picked up from Fashism, one of SL's newest and hottest eye designers.  The brown pulled some of the brown highlights of the hairbase out (for some reason the hairbase looked more black to me) and when I added the chignon (not seen here) from YS & YS, it made the look that much more pulled together.

What I liked about the Carrie is while it's a simple black shirt/skirt combo, it has two options for how to top it.  I wasn't feeling just the black top and bottom combo by itself, reason being the top lacks texturing in my opinion. It's a wonderfully constructed piece, but there was nothing I could draw my eye to.  I really like the texture on the skirt; made it look that much more sleek to me. Enter the lovely red scarf and the houndstooth pashmina shawl options.  Both are wonderful offerings and while they are both scuplties, they're adjustable. As old school as this will sound, I'm actually glad Laurel didn't put a resizer in the scarf and shawl.  Don't get me wrong, I love me a good resizer, but I have found that they don't always adjust to fit the contours of your body, so you either end up with this outrageously huge sculpty or an addition you simply can't wear. The fact that one can adjust in one direction and it make it perfect was just the amount of awesome that I needed when I put on my shawl. Now to figure out what else I can wear it with :) *wiggles in her chair with ideas*

So simple, classic, elegant...just like Audrey: introducing both Artemis and Carrie. Ni ni :)

<3 Kilo

P.S. Now, if any of the Lindens are reading this..Imma need y'all to work out this skirt layer issue.  I am one whose shape has a more erm... prominent posterior.  And when I put on a skirt layer (like the one shown above), the 3 sizes too big theory that was used to make the skirt mesh goes HAYWIRE!! Looks like a bar room brawl is taking place in an area where my butt should be! O.O (ok...maybe that's a bit of a hyperbole...but it makes mah butt look HUGE!) Do you have any idea how hard it is to shrink a booty and make it look curvy and decent in less than five minutes when you don't typically mess with shapes and have to learn sliders all over again??  I.didn'! :P

That is my only rant for the evening.  Byez!

da fit:

earrings: dahlinks morrigan black pearl & diamond earrings
hair: *ys & ys* big chignon brown
skin: unique megastore - artemis dark 07 w/ hair base, artemis dark 09 w/ hair base
outfit: alloro - carrie houndstooth
eyes: FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Brown Deep

poses : *GA* Smoking Girl AO


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