Every Lady Needs A Lil Bit Of Red…

This is exactly what came to mind when I was wandering about the grid this morning.  Every woman really should have a little bit of red in their inventory, and no I am not talking about textures ladies and gents, I am talking about lingerie!  Nothing is more sexy and sensual than a simple piece to add to your collection.  Now to get back on topic, I have a tendency to go off on a tangent when I am shopping.
Soooooo……This mornings excursion was to Blacklace, one of SL’s premier lingerie stores, and my personal heaven.  I think I own almost all of their collection save a few things here and there, and today was no exception.  I went to find items from the HWH hunt and was gladly surprised that they have their Valentine’s items up for sale.  One that caught my mind however, was a simple yet very very hot number called “ Scarlet – Black Velvet & Red Satin Corset “
*click to enlarge photo*
“Scarlet – Black Velvet & Red Satin Corset “  is a very smooth and sheer piece.  With a whole lotta detail in the back with the lacing up the back of the corset and the prim bow.  I absolutely ADORE the fishnet stockings (I R a fan of fishnet like woah), and the silk gloves come in red or black to suit whatever mood you are in at the time.  This lovely ensemble is also VERY affordable. 

Now here are the specifics *grins* for all you “I MUST GET THIS NAO” shoppers out there.
Lingerie – $398L  Blacklace “ Scarlet – Black Velvet & Red Satin Corset “     SLURL     
Jewellery -  *Gifted to Me* Alyssa Bijoux “ Aly – Diamond & Black Onyx Spire  “  SLURL  
Shoes – $250L YS&YS “ Cala Saona 2 Black Python   “  SLURL  
*As always I do not reveal the shops of my skin, eyes or shapes as to try to preserve my individuality*

Limited Edition – Delirium


*Pictured from Left to Right – Kilolo, Roselynn, and Suitelady*

Delirium has released a limited quantity Valentine’s special called “My Valentine”. There were only 50 boxes of these 3 different looks available for public consumption. Us Shop*Gasm girls have claimed 3 of them. It’s up to you to get the others. On last look though they were running low so you better hurry if you want one of these limited items. They are 700 linden, what you get is 3 different looks. There’s a full skirt version, a baggy pant/gaucho pant version, and then the slim pant. It comes with the aforementioned bottoms along with a belt, boots, shirt with prim sleeves and collar, as well as jacket layer suspenders. All three looks are fantastic. We spent a good 10 minutes bickering over which one of us would wear which look. I’ll enclose the advertisement picture as well… Better hurry to Delirium though before they’re sold out!MyValentineAd






*This quickie blog brought to you by the ever slipping mind of Roselynn Darkstone*

Just in Time for Halloween!! ... Oh Wait

So what had happened was...

Rose...our spunky DJ sissah had an event at the club she works for a couple days ago and the theme was Sci-Fi.  Any Sci-Fi.  So in our typical fashion, we tried to figure out what best ways to represent the strange and unsual and came up with different ideas. I remembered the "2010 - The Future Is Now Show - Greenies/Rezzable" Showcase and thought oooh...I can freak my sissah out with the awesome avi from Sn@tch (more on them in a future post ^.^) orrrrrrrrr get that really cool wing thing I saw.  So two shopping trips later...ooh a new look!

*click to enlarge*

Now, I will say this: I LOVE my costume. LOVE LOVE LOVE my costume. It's hella unique and I've never seen anything like it.  However...there is one minor thing that I was unsure of regarding where the designer was going.  On the wings (click to enlarge), if you look carefully where the "cup" (or the tiny little feather part that sticks out on the right wing) is, the wings are identical. Not in that "duh doofus...they're supposed to be" sort of way, but in that it's not a reflected wing.  It's an exact copy of the wing that never got mirrored.  So instead of the petals on the wings going in the same direction I'm unsure of whether or not the "cup" of the wings are supposed to facing backward or facing forward. They go in opposing directions.  It's also evident on the wire work as well. Again, I'm not sure if this was the designer's intention, but I love the costume nonetheless. The gold parts of the wings and collar (just under the ruffle) help create a unique contrast to the pure white of outfit as does the long black gloves (I think I might keep those on with everything *nods emphatically*)

Once we figured out what we were wearing, it was time to move on to skin.  And we were stumped.  With 15 mins to get ready and get to the event, we were all very conflicted/confused/discombobulated as to where we were gonna find good skin and then *BING* I remembered...FRICK!!  Well...more like I said the word "frick" and then *BING* remembered it's a store inworld as well (yay!).  So we went to Frick and I may have urfed the lucky board and won my skin.  Then we found the red room.  And immediately droooled all over it! New eyes, new skin, new look? Aye... new look and 10 minutes to spare!!

After we finished up our sci-fi/gothicy awesomeness we decided "group shot!"  So we hunkered down, grabbed our hunky cohort, Servire, forced him to tell us what he was wearing and *snap snap* here we are!!

*click to enlarge*

*smokes virtual cigarette*  yaaaaaaaaaay...another successful shopgasm *breathes happily*
DISCLAIMER: In no way, btw...are we promoting smoking. We don't do it...it just sounded fitting.


Suitelady (Left) is wearing:
 Hair: "Pompadour" from Mustache
 Skin & Eyes: "Bloody Decay & Mud" Skin & "Death" eyes from Frick
 Outfit: Satyra from Black Arts
 Shoes: Alicia Booties from Fancy Fashion

Servire (the hunky dude) is wearing:
 Sinner Kilt - Emo-tions
 Boots of Wulfric - Angry Monkey
 Cuffs of Wulfric - Angry Monkey
 Dark Hunter Talisman - Sinful Needs
 Northern Cross earring - happy hunting!!
 Multi-Earrings Skull - Groll Inn & Hideout
 Sawyer Coconut hair - Hairstyles by Tami McCoy
 Angst skin set {pale goth) - See No Evil

Rose (front) is wearing:
 Hair: Roach - Deviant Kitties

 Bracers: nuh uh - hers!!

 Skin & Eyes: "Vengeance - Cream - Lg Lips" skin & "Vengeance 1" eyes from Frick
 Outfit: Dark Temptation Black Leather Teddy Set from Blacklace

 Boots: Bax Prestige Boots Black (updated version) from Bax Boots

Kilolo (right) is wearing:
 Hair: Rocca Ebony from Tukinowaguma
 Skin: *~{Frick} Nymph - Goth from Frick
 Eyes: my signature - sorry foooor ya
 Glasses: Accord from Kalnins
 Outfit: Empress 2 by Agnes Finney (only available at the Greenies/Rezzable Showcase)
 Boots: Bax Prestige Boots Black (updated version) from Bax Boots
 Jewelry: Shoji Set for Haiti Relief by Adorn

Pose:  "Our Crew" by Kurt Mortensen, Owner of ~WDK~

Hats off for Haiti Relief

As I sit here writing this blog, I am moved. Moved by the many many real world contributions being made to Haiti relief. The effort includes Doctors leaving their practices to help lend a hand with the many injured, as well as the many many people going down there, just to help with rebuilding and security. This effort is mirrored across the globe.  It’s a beautiful thing to help your fellow man, so for those of us unable to physically go down there to contribute, it’s great that many designers in Second Life, as well as clubs and groups, are converting their lindens into RL cash and donating it to RL charities helping to purchase medical supplies, food, water, and clothing for the many injured and displaced people in Haiti.

DiramHaiti_001 All of this brings me to a recent shopping trip with my sissa Suitelady. (Kilo came too but, don’t tell her, she was sleep walking). Anyway, we headed off to Diram to see their new releases when I stumbled face first, literally, into the display of two 100 linden dresses which the proceeds are being sent to Haiti relief charities. Not only is it a great cause to donate to, BUT, Diram has decided to reward you for your donation with a beautiful dress. You can donate 100L for each dress and walk away with two wonderful red dresses for 200L… did I mention they have accessories too?! Oh yeah!! Here’s the pic of me wearing one of the dresses… and I Shot a pic of the advert for the other. Stop into Diram and donate folks.



Diram – BROOKE for Haiti dress & shoes – Fundraiser 100L

Dahlinks – Jackie Pendant&Earrings- Ruby

Evies Closet – Ophelia Hair - Black

Shhh, it’s a secret!

So, I was VERY torn about telling you all about this outfit, I was going to keep it to myself and just be uber hawt like whoa! However, I really wanted to share it with you all because it is hot, kick ass, and sexy all in the same breathe without being skanky… in my opinion.

This whole epiphany started when my good friend over at Wicked Gear dropped a BraveSkirt dare in my inventory. A dare? You ask… well, she dropped the new “Only for the brave” skirt fat pack on me and I said…”fudawwha!?” yeah, that’s not English. Anyway, I tried on the skirt, and while I don’t normally wear these short little sassy things  that make your butt hang out and give you a high pitched giggle… I couldn’t resist the darned thing. It was amazingly cute! The little key hanging off the belt was awesome. The textures are fantastic!

So anyway, after realizing I had nothing to go with the skirt in my inventory, I decided to go back to the scene of the crime, I dropped into Wicked Gear and grabbed their Sheer Tank in white, and then realized “OMG MUH BOOBS ARE SHOWING!” WickedOutfit

From there, I dropped into BlackLace, my favorite store for under-things. While I blacklaceundies know most people know about the store, I really don’t see a whole lot using the underwear as accessories with other things, so I thought, Holy shit! Rose, you’ve done it this time! Hot Damn you’re a genius! and then I thought… I know,I know, thank you… I am a genius…. and then I said to myself … Wow, I look friggin’ amazing! and then I thought Yep, damned good if I do say so myself….  Oh btw, The hair is from ETD, it’s called Torwen and you can pick it up for 75L.. I know right, inexpensive GREAT Looking hair!!!

yep, I totally had an entire conversation in my head with my self over this outfit, all of which culminating in this blog… So ya see folks, Wicked Gear + BlackLace + Bax + ETD + Dahlinks…. OMG I nearly forgot! DAHLINKS!

DahlinksHeartNecklace The necklace! It’s an early Valentine’s Day release from Dahlinks called “My Sweetheart Cord”. I’m wearing the necklace and earrings. It’s really cute matching set, comes in 4 different colors(Rainbow Crystal shown) It’s delicate, intricate design coupled with the leather cord give it that balance of elegance and casual that only Dahlinks seems to obtain in their jewels.

Okay, now all that being said…as if you couldn’t tell, I’m wearing Bax boots in white (set to off white)… and I’m done. Yep, I can go back to conversing with myself… Hey, I’m a great conversationalist :P

HumpDay Happiness + Dancing = Hidden Gems when Shopping

*click to enlarge*

Hello shopgasmers!!

Fair warning:  the items you see in this blog post are about a little over a week old.  Largely because I've been busy working on RL!!  But also because I am backlogged!!  But nonetheless...shopping yayness for all!

After spending the night at ::CMC:: Designs Cancer Memorial thinking and placing my candle, I needed a pick me up. With no one being up, that left me to do the one thing all residents HATE: sorting of the old inventory (and man do I have a lot to do).  I came across the above hidden gem of an outfit in the midst of all of my Peace on Earth Hunt Swag (style notes coming).  This little number (well sweater & jeans) came from Chicaholic and was accompanied by boots, a beret, a scarf and a bushel of apples I think (can't remember).  Not really liking the accessories that accompanied the outfit...I decided to combine it with a few of my personal staples and then...*BING!* into my hot little hands fell the 69L Hump Day Happiness notecard!!

Having never used the HDH nc before to shop, I got a little giddy and as I swapped out pieces of the outfit here and there, I started to dance!!  And that's exactly how this little voyage of happy began: dancing and teleporting (see those hot moves...Ooh!! LOL).  First stop:  GL Designs.  THIS was a first for me. I had never been here, but the item up for grabs looked so cute, I couldn't resist. Looking over the store, I not only picked up the 69L item (which you'll see later), I grabbed: Plaid, Tiny Sweaters, Shae outfit, Strapless and this hot little number to our right called the Traffic Stopper in blue. The only drawback is the skirt prim is slightly tilted upward (which you might see in the shot that when looked at from the wrong angle makes you question whether or not I have some extra parts *wink*). Nothing so bad that one can't adjust the prim and move on. It was all in all a very sexy and casual dress without being too revealing.  It hugs the avi just right; definitely ... a great buy.

Still in jeans and sweater, I ventured down the list, rejecting some locations because ... well?...the items simply weren't for me. And that's not to knock our content creators.  Not everything is for everyone, but damn if I didn't enjoy the search.  Part of my travels actually landed me at Peer Poses, where while I didn't like the 69L item being offered, I DID still end up buying a cute lil pose aaaaaaaaaand noticed something that made me wants to urf the store (if by want to...I may have ^.^). I've never seen a pose shop offer a service where they resize the pose to fit the avatar. To me that was an awesome find. And even though the pose I bought (Role on the Floor 1 - L$50) may not have needed resizing, I knew a few photogs that would LOVE to have that option.  So A+ to Peer Poses and kudos to them for offering such a wonderful service!

After having gone through the card and finding not much else I wanted from the batch, I decided to take my dancing on the road.  Slipping into my hot new dress, I remembered that I had just went to visit Heart & Sole not too long ago and picked up a new pair of shoes called Drops and thought...hmmm...let's have a look, shall we?  To my luck...the pieces of awesome worked well with my dance steps, dress and venture over to Mudhoney to check out their shop before heading home.  While I didn't get anything there this trip, it did definitely get the noodle going as to future purchases (as did the HDH notecard), especially after opening up my POE swag to see the couch that dances during transition...aweeeseome!!!

Finally making my final pit stop at my sister's house, I decided that while the dress was faaaaaaaabulous...I needed to get comfortable.  So I slipped into the outfit that caused my Hump Day journey, my nifty new Kalnins and collapsed in a happy, danced-out heap on the Mudhoney Holiday Cuddle lounge.  Ahhhh  ... shopping yay to the fullest.  I needed a cigarette after such a gratifying trek of shopping...and I don't even smoke!!

Shopgasm achieved? Aye...shopgasm...achieved ;)

The Looks:

LOOK 1 & 3:

Outfit: Cable Knit Sweater (sans turtleneck), chicaholic ladies jeans (former POE 2009 gift) ~ Chicaholic
Hair: Argrace Baseball Cap - Relaxed Ponytail Black ~ Argrace
Boots: [SC] Surf Couture - Elsa Boots in BLACK ~ Surf Couture
Jewelry: Dahlinks
  (Dahlinks) Yin Yang Pendant
  (Dahlinks) GloMesh Silver Hoop Earrings
  (Dahlinks) Spin Ring - Diamond
POSE: Role on the Floor 1 ~ Peer Poses
Dances: I have no idea what is in my huddle anymore :P


Hair: Untamed in Black ~ LAQ
Shoes: Drop Heels in Black ~ Heart & Sole
Jewelry: Dahlinks
  (Dahlinks) Yin Yang Pendant
  (Dahlinks) GloMesh Silver Hoop Earrings
  (Dahlinks) Spin Ring - Diamond


Outfit: GLD Smokin' ~ GL Designs
Boots: Snowdrift ~ Kalnins
Hair: Lydia in Obsidian ~ ETD
Pose: POE 2009 Holiday Cuddle Lounger ~ MudHoney

Are you an Alphamale?

Some of you have heard about this competition. We're just helping spread the word. All text below and photo above are property of ALPHAMALE & BLACKLACE.

"The face of Alphamale 20120"

Alphamale is yet again holding a model contest to find the Face of Alphamale 2010! Alphamale only uses a few handpicked models in its productions, and this is a unique chance to join the crew, and be used for vendors, advertisement campaigns and promotional items featuring one of SL's leading male brands. The face of Alphamale must not just be a masculine role model, but also witty and charming. The model also of course has to be willing to work with the Alphamale team to represent the brand. Last years winner "Clyde Saunders" have been doing advertisement, promotional work, and can be found on various vendors around the store. If you think it will be fun to run with the Alphamale pack, win wonderful prizes, and take part in a contest featuring some of Second Life's most handsome men, then please check out this contest!

Please read the rules and details of prizes below:

*The model in the photo must be wearing Alphamale items.
*Only the model in the photo please
*There is no theme, but be creative. You do not have to just send studio shots. Photoshopping is allowed.
*As the model will usually feature clothing, the picture needs to show more than face only.
*No nudity or explicit images
*No tattoos or piercings.
*One entry per person
*By entering your image you are agreeing to allow Alphamale to use your photo for display both in-store and as promotional material

What we need from you
Make a folder in your inventory called !Alphamale Contest
Upload your entry which must be square, and either 512 x 512 or 1024 x 1024
Letterboxing the picture is ok
Change the permissions on your texture to FULL PERMISSIONS this is very important
On a notecard put your name, your SL age, your time zone, who took your photo, and one paragraph telling us why you think you should be chosen as the Face of Alphamale. DO NOT PUT YOUR PICTURES INSIDE THE NOTECARD PLEASE.
Put your information notecard, and your photos into the folder and send it to ALPHAMALE CHROME no later than 14th February 2010. Please do not send the entries to any other members of staff.

The Prizes
First Prize
Model will be featured in 2 page spread advertisment of the Alphamale Brand, used in magazines.

2nd & 3d Prize
L$2000 Alphamale Gift Card

Your entry will be disqualified if:
There is more than one person in the photo
Your photo doesn't have full permissions
The clothing is photoshopped into oblivion
Your entry is sent to anyone other than Alphamale Chrome
You send your entry in after 14th February 2010.

Staff of Alphamale & Blacklace are not eligible for entry.
If you have any questions or need clarification on any point, please send a NOTECARD to Gemini Galatea.
The winner will be decided by selected members of the Alphamale & Blacklace team

Down in the trenches with R.D.

Right so, as most of you know, I'm a DJ, and I've got friends across the grid from all walks of life... anyway, I was doin' muh thing, spinnin' some tunage, mindin' muh business when my good friend Alex drops this image on me from some store I had never been before.. naturally this perks my interest and of course, I'm mid set so, STUCK NOOOOO!!! How frustrating!

Anyway, I finish my set and check out the store... WOW! There's jackets of all kinds, shirts, dresses, pants, lots of great looking stuff for guys and gals alike! So I'm perusing all of this great merchandise and came across my favorite new piece of wardrobe, the Snake trench coat in black made by AOHARU. The store is a bit difficult to locate the things you're after so, make sure you have more than a few minutes to wander the place.

With many many great things to offer, and currently a 50% off sale going on, ladies and gents you better get down there soon and check it out! I think I'm going to hop back for another view muhself!!


Also worn:

Updated Black Bax Boots - Dark Black

ETD: Charley hair

Dahlinks Monroe & Lip Piercing , Management necklace and earrings

Simone - SSH Stockings

It's a Boy!!! Presenting "Carter"...

Hello Shopgasmer followers and those who just happen to peruse!!

I just wanted to take a moment to introduce the newest addition to the Shop*gasm family!!  Meet "our official male model: Shopgasm Blogger aka "Carter"

"Carter" is the male model/blogger housed under the Shopgasm Blogger account!!  As we continue our voyage as bloggers in this crazy metaverse, it has become very apparent that while there are a lot of male blogs out there...we could always use more voices to represent the male contingent of the grid..  If you are a content creator that has male items for review, please send them to Shopgasm Blogger.

As with all items submitted to Suitelady DeCuir, Roselynn Darkstone or myself items submitted for review are not guaranteed to be included in our blogs. We do however thank you for the opportunity.

So be on the lookout for the newest face of Shop*gasm and may your toes wiggle while you shop ;)

Oh yeah...the look!

Shirt/Outfit: Teistro from Delirium
Skin: Unique Megastore
Eyes: Linden Labs

I'd post the links, but um...I was so excited I forgot to nab them!!

Every Little Bit Counts – Haiti Relief

I could sit here and write a mini-dissertation about the pros and cons of helping people and donating, and what to and not to donate.  Been there done that.  We all know that time is of the essence.  We all know that SL’rs and the Blogger community as a WHOLE, when banding together CAN make a difference.  Whether it be for Breast Cancer, Parkinson's, ALS Research, or to help someone ship her treasured pets to their new forever home… We can do this and all it takes is a bit of your time, and not a heck of a lot of Linden.

I implore you to head over to Scribble!  Yes I put it in bold.  I don’t want to read things like – Well I was going to go support but I didn’t see the SLurl.  There is is folks :)

Right now YOU can use your Linden Dollars in SUPPORT for the Haitian people in their time of need.   TP over to Scribble, where designers such as REEK & Riano Ink, have released limited edition, you can only buy them here at this location, T-Shirts. 

*NOTE:  Both of whom will donate 100% of their sales of these items to the Red Cross*

There is more though, from jewels, to avatars, skyboxes to shoes (I even think I saw a tree house!), everything is priced all over the board and all the proceeds go to Haiti Relief!  So please if you can, spare a few L’s head over to Scribble, and help out.

I went over there last night with my good bud Hayden (pictured wearing Reek’s Red Cross Tee, I am wearing the Tee from Riano Ink), we picked out some great stuff!  For a great cause!  Because, although we don’t have tons of cash to donate, each little tiny gesture is a drop in a huge bucket, that is over flowing with love, and hope for the Haitian people.

If you choose to donate out of world, here are some links:

World Vision Canada

Google Crisis Response



Kilo's Kalnins Three-Way

Note to self:  instead of just shooting your changes to self...BLOG them...ON TIME!!

So...I'm sifting through ye old photos (again) and came across the Kalnins I never got to blog...HA! December was a busy month for Kalnins!

These delectable yummies called the Digna boot came out just before the new year and happened upon my feet when I was going through a bit of a change in look/demeanor/whatever you wish to call it.  This look is still a work in progress, but let’s just say the Digna gives just the right punch that this look needed. It’s spunky, cute & versatile enough that you can accent the most “I’mma kick yer ass” outfit or the most cutesy/dainty skirt set and make the look your own. Boot, straps and metal are all color change….so the possibilities are endless!

These red & white clunkers of spunky shoe are the Kalnins Orchid.  These kitchy color change heels were released back in December sometime just before Pacadi Jasha did her now famed “Secret Fashion Show (of awesome...and blindfolds :P)”.  I didn’t get to attend, but a little blogger sent me a cute lil outfit to try on and when I diiiiiiiiid, I thought “ooh!! ooh!!  Orchids and a blindfold baby!  The Orchids come in 12 color selections all very bold and bright colors. You can change the straps to be alternating colors as well as interior sole and heel. The sole is a bit thick for my liking, but damn if the shoe isn't cute.

THESE are my favorites so far in their series of shoes: The Dragoness.  I have worn these in previous posts and wear them with just about every thing I can find (except pjs of course :P).  Funny enough…these aren’t the focus of this particular shot.  The dress, however, is.  It is the Collection MOREA STYLE CITY *CORALIE pearl* and I found it while looking for something completely unrelated while I was skulking about xstreetsl.com.

Now…before you get your feathers in a tizzy. I try extremely hard to not use that dang blasted website for anything other than a search engine on things to buy inworld if I can help it.  Why? Simple…I’d rather give the content creator their full amount of by visiting the shop versus giving it to them via the exchange, where a portion of the sale…ON TOP OF…the cost for them to house the pages for the content goes to the powers that be.  This became more pressing after it became known that prices were escalating for all persons who sell items on the exchange, including that of the powerfully complex freebie.

Anyway…I hadn’t seen a baby doll like this dress and thought it was so beautiful that I actually fell asleep at my computer while I patiently waited at the store inworld for the store to rez (yup…definitely that anti-establishment at this point when it comes to the x-street.  The only problem I had with this piece and this was largely a thing where I it is because I’m a little shorter than usual avis (can you believe 6’1” inworld is still considered short? O.O) was that I had to adjust the sleeves so that the tops wouldn’t poke out of my shoulders.  Otherwise I think I wore this sucker for a week straight.

Clearly … Kalnins is very much on the rise and not going anywhere…*Ding* what’s that I hear? Another Kalnins shoe hit my inventory O.O  This time … it’s for men.  Dammit!! LOL

The looks:

Pictures 1 & 2:

Hair: Black Maria freebie Mohawk from Hair Fair 2009
Outfit: B.I.T.C.H from C-Morane (now known as Delirium)
Shoes: Kalnins Digna in black
Earrings/Necklace/Rings: (Dahlinks) GloMesh Silver Hoop Earrings, Love Potion No 9 in Kilo Purple (yup…that’s the actual color name at the store) & Silver Diamond Spin Ring
Cuffs: O-Ring Bondage Style Cuffs from Wicked Gear
Poser: [LAP] Photo Prop Circle
Shades: primOptic Elois sunglasses

Picture 3:

Jewelry: [P/a] XmasGift –Noel @ PERTURB/ation
Outfit: PACADI Jasha CSFS Lingerie #003
Shoes: Kalnins Orchid in Red/White
Belly Ring: Xcite Tribal Belly Ring
Blindfold: L$1 red blindfold from xstreetsl.com (comes w/ matching HUD O.O)
Hair:*booN UPP382 hair
Poses: Long Awkward Pose

Picture 4:

Hair: ETD's Anisa in Obsidian
  Morrighan Diamond & Pearl earrings, Silver & Diamond Spin Ring from Dahlinks
  Short Loose Pearls - SiSSi
Dress: Collection MOREA STYLE CITY *CORALIE pearl*
Shoes: Kalnins Dragoness in Pink & White
Poses: Vista Animations Supavalue AO

Then & Now – Roselynn Style

After reading both of my sisters then and now blogs, I decided, as I have NOTHING else to do right now, that I would post my own transformation. I’ll try not to bore you with the details too much, as my story is no where near as interesting as Kilolo’s attempt to find herself. (Although I do give myself props for being there BOTH times she found the perfect skin **pats on back**) Okay okay… back to the important stuff… ME!!! 

I started out in Second Life September 18th, 2007 – Creepy right? One month to the day before Kilolo! – My very dear RL and Virtual friend Atheena convinced me to shed the shackles of World of RD07Warcraft (This is amusing as I played a priest for all you WoW players) and check out the unlimited things you could do within Second Life’s expansive grid! So, why not, did. Atheena and I had this brilliant plan that we were going to start our own game within SL similar to the likes of Ultima Online. There really hasn’t been a game out there anywhere close to Ultima Online since. Oh sure WoW, EQ, and DAoC are great but… UO is where it started for me, and offered much more than the newer more advanced MMRPG’s. ANYWAY back on subject… I entered SL – Atheena within minutes of me logging in proceeded to dump freebie skins, hair, clothes, shoes, and jewelry on me. As well as a link to Free Dove (still in existence). We decided however that the freebie hair just wasn’t going to do. It simply wasn’t “Rose”. So, Atheena had purchased some linden and said “Lets go hair shopping”… and we did… Sadly, I don’t have any photo’s from before the hair shopping. But the photo I’m about to show you was taken just before I started working at Crimson Gild Club in October of 2007.

That freebie dress has been all over the grid FOREVER! It’s been sold (sadly) in it’s different altered forms by unscrupulous vendors in SL. Those people are horrible btw. I have no love for someone who takes a freebie, makes a minor, almost invisible change to it, and sells it as their own works. That’s just TnR07lame.. for shame! I still have that hair though someplace in my inventory. Though I have long since outgrown the red, I still love the color. Want to know where I got it? Yeah me too! So I checked ye ole inventory of doom, turns out it was from a place called Mystical Hair – the owner hasn’t been online since September of 09 and the sim is an invalid location so, I’m going to assume – it’s closed down :( Anyway, after this incarnation I tried a ton of different hair colors, I usually stuck with the red Mystical though…. unless I was DJing.. then we had Carrot Top Rose. I found the various styles at Gurl6, turns out Gurl6 DJRosemoonhair was really bad for me. Ate my head. As shown

There was some time when I became full out neko, Yep, Furry. I was a white tiger. Had the stripety tail, ears, and bright green kitty eyes! I don’t put it on often but, now and again you’ll see me roll out in the White Tiger form:
There was a very brief time where I wore a skin by Geisha Dreams that my then new partner DJRoseparty Tavian purchased as a gift for me, I had been admiring the skins but, at the time, the linden amount for the skins seemed a lot to me, I don’t buy linden, everything I have in SL has been earned through DJing, wedding planning, Photography, or some other random thing…

When I was shopping with Kilolo to find her sexy chocolate skin,*the first time* I stumbled across one for myself at Minnu Model now known as Le Lutka? While in that skin, I changed Rosiebadassnesshair style/color a lot. I went from reds to blacks, blacks with white tips, for a brief time I sported that carrot color again (it seems
to make a reappearance now and then) I loved the skin, but, it fell a little flat in pictures. 


I had seen all these newer skins being release with awesome shading and texture, gave the avatar depth, really made them stand out as more than a flat image on the screen. and so we move on to my current skin from Redgrave… While in the Redgrave I stayed neko. Kept my black tail and ears right up until the last change.


Sometime around this point, The Rasta-Guin was birthed. I don’t know where she came from but, The rasta is… insanity at it’s finest. When you see her, you should just be prepared for the craziest capers you can possibly imagine. If there’s something to be said, rest assure, the Rasta will say it. Beware the Penguin my friends…

RoseRdiThis is, the current Roselynn Darkstone. It’s a Redgrave skin, black hair, bi colored eyes, those bracers I never go without. I feel like this is a true appearance of my personality. A little crazy, and a little sexy. There, I admitted I think I’m sexy. Happy? I still say I’m sexually dead though. So :P
I nearly forgot the ONE time I made Roselynn a blonde! I did it for a photo series I had been shooting. I think I stayed in this look for a couple days after just because I thought it was funny. So I’ll give you that one last brief glimpse of Roselynn as a blonde….thethief
Jusqu’a la prochaine fois

Armidi - Beautiful in Blue

Hello again loyal readers, Suite here, with another installation of blogging!  I know right, again?  You have to be kidding me, however, when I feel something is worth giving a shout-out, then scream it from the roof-tops I will, and Armidi is definatly the store I am joy-gasming about on this entry.
I am a loyal and avid reader of just about every fashion blog syndicate there is, so it was to my surprise when we went out and about yesterday that the topic of Armidi came up.  I was asked if I had ever been, after my sister, Kilo, inquired about this cute outfit a friend of ours was wearing.  I pondered for a moment, and said, that I didn’t recall ever going to Armidi because, well I thought that the quality while outstanding was probably reflected in the price of the items.  Assuming they would be crazy expensive I never went.  BOY WAS I WRONG, and sooo glad I was.
So after gathering ourselves from shenanigans, we were promptly TP’d over to Armidi.  The sim is absolutely stunning!  Set up like a downtown city core unlike I have ever seen, it has a great layout, and other shops just not the main store.  We ended up in the part that sells the Gisaci line.

*Click picture for larger view*
Now this is where the blue comes in.  I am a red head, and have a hard time wearing bold colours as it clashes so horrendously with my hair and skin.  Coming upon this cute outfit  - Buone Vacanze: Aqua Frilla, I immediately purchased it.  There were many other bold and natural colours, but this one spoke to me.  The prim work is great, there was some adjusting I had to do because I have unusual legs (this according to the fitters at BAX boots) because I am a more thigh thick avi, who is short, as opposed to tall and very petite.  I love the pairing of the rich blue and the light coloured shorts.  It reminded me of those very delectable Sari fabrics that are so pretty you just want to frame them and look at them.  The outfit was less than $350L’s so I didn’t feel guilty in the least in picking up two cute dresses, both in shades of red, but not something that I already have in my inventory. 
Armidi gets a 4 1/2 stars from me.  The only down side was the load.  Other than that, I need you all to click this link and get yourself some amazingly beautiful couture, from a designer who deserves to have more prominence on fashion blogs everywhere!  Definitely a hidden gem on the grid!
Note To Shoppers:  On this blog you come to expect our honesty. So I would be remiss if I were to not let you know this vital information.  If you have a slower computer and an older graphics card, expect this sim to load VERY slowly.  I have a relatively new computer, and even still the load rate was less than stellar.  Not that this is negative by any stretch of the imagination, the store, once completely rezzed is AMAZING and highly detailed.  I would highly suggest taking a visit in off-peak hours so that it will load a bit more quickly for you.

Then & Now: A Voyage into the Search for a Dark-Skinned Avi

Hellooooooooooooooo shopgasmers!! For the past week or so I've been struggling with what exactly to kick my new year on Shop*gasm off with.  And while I have ideas (like coming current with backlog for example), the contents of the following post stuck out to me.  Not just because of what it is, but how it came to be.

I've been in the world of Second Life since 10/18/2007 and honestly...my life here, while happy is filled with so many memories, that some days...I get in ruts and wonder if there is ever really a point in staying.  And as with real life...this sometimes causes you to reminisce.  And reminisce I did.  I've looked through so many old photographs of past loves, past friendships and memories that, when my sister mentioned Sophia Harlow's blog challenge, it only made sense to write about my current fit of nostalgia and answer the call.

The City Chic (I think that's what it was called lol -  picture borrowed via creative commons license from Ana Lutetia's flickr page), was my default avatar.  I remember hating the poofballs on the side because well...LOOKIT THEM! UGH!  LOL

So...I removed them and rocked the cropped top like nobody's business my first few days here.  I tried for DAYS to get people to speak to me, let me know what I was supposed to be doing.  No luck.  Hated this place so much that I almost deleted the account when a good RL friend of mine found my wayward post on a forum somewhere and im'd me in Yahoo Instant Messenger (YIM for short) to get properly acclimated.

It was a riot.  She had a friend who made shapes and told me flat out that if I intended to survive in SL...I needed a job.  And the best jobs came as being dancers inworld.  And in 2007...that was actually mostly true for women, but that's another blog post and story altogether.  Anyway, said friend created my shape and gave it to me, free of charge.  Next came skin.  Now...for those of you who haven't actually made my acquaintance in or out of world, I'm a Black woman or African-American for those who feel the need to be politically categoric...I mean politically correct. Naturally, I wanted to represent for the sistas of SL and my friend KNEW this.  So...she asked the friend for caramel complexioned skin so that I could do just that.  Introducing my first custom look in the life of Kilolo Jenkins...

Not what you expected, right?  LOL

Yeah...ME EITHER!!  But I was a noob and didn't know that there were actual darker skins in Second Life.  And I'm pretty sure that at the time...there weren't!!  This is actually the FIRST picture I ever took of myself after I was taken to Goldie locks and introduced to lucky chairs.  The hyacinthe series (cute ain't it?) for the hair and the rest were donated full perm freebies of clothing, shoes and jewels (look at the BLING on that ... bling!?! You could land a 747 with that technology alone!)

I then proceeded to get my first job inworld as a hostess for a nightclub where I met my sister Roselynn Darkstone (co-owner and writer of this here blog), a few of my friends and my very first SL partner. Because my skin was deemed darker than everyone else's more fair skin on staff, I sufficiently believed I had achieved my mission of honing the essence of a Black girl avi inworld. Then, back in April 2008...Rose got a DJ gig for the Miss Black SL Universe competition. I saw every hue of my ancestry from sticky caramel to blue black and it was beautiful. By then I was partnered, and he knew I wouldn't be happy until I found that part of me so...on the search we went!!

I went through about five different stores after asking the contestants via IM where they got their skins explaining that I too was seeking one that more closely fit my identity.  I was commended on my search and sent landmark after landmark only to find that one store, while aesthically pleasing in the face and body, gave the female avi "man/ape" hands: you know incredibly big and wrinkled (and no...it wasn't the shape...it was the shading and wrinkling). Another, while making a good skin tone, held no natural skins (aka ones without make-up), so you had to choose between make-ups that simply didn't compliment the skin itself;  mismatched colored private areas, you name it...it was something.  Add that I still had my original shape my friend had made for me and when added to the skin, none of them were my face (which sounds strange, but when you see YOUR face...you'll understand); none of them screamed Kilolo. Several locations made the same mistake that a lot of current skin makers make: they shaded a skin that wasn't made for ethnic features to be darker for the sake of saying they had an African-American skin tone to sell and when placed on my avi just didn't look right.

Note to skin makers:  Avi skin is not like instant hot chocolate mix. You CANNOT add a packet of color and think that is what makes the skin.  A sprinkle of color doesn't make a light skin and neither does a packet of instant mix. No offense to those that have tried. I applaud your valiant efforts. But unless you're willing to actually put work into adding layers to address the the multitude of hues and shading that comprise darker aka more ethnic skin, you will not successfully create a skin that is to the liking of those who know. That isn't to say your skin making capabilities suck...but nine times out of ten if you're just darkening a default skin for the sake of having a "darker skin", you'll end up with a flat color and a customer that won't return but sooner give their business to someone else when they find a skin that is more sufficient.

Anyway...back to the search.  After going to different places we found Minnu Models (now known inworld as LeLutka) and found ... me!

This was me from May 2008 through the end of September 2009.  I loved this skin.  It was still a bit lighter than I wanted, but had not only a kick-butt natural skin, but about 6-8 makeups that not only complimented the skin tone overall, but all made me look and feel like what I thought I envisioned my digital representation to be.  I still have this skin and maybe one day I'll don it again.  But I kid you not. I fell in love with this thing so much that I actually put on my first wedding dress and shot photos in a skybox just to see what I would have looked like on my wedding day to my then partner...in THAT skin.

But as with all things, your SL experience changes. You break up, you move on and sometimes you repeat this pattern. You take on new experiences and sometimes...that requires a fresh start.  So...just before my DJ battle in October of 2009, my sister Rose and my good friend Alex went skin hunting with me.  I think we went through three skins stores and while they were a vast improvement over my search  less than a year before...again, none of them had the Kilo face.  Then we landed upon my current skin. First Alex, then Rose said, "oh my god...THAT is Kilo!" and tp'd me straight to it.  Sure enough...it was!!

This...is me, Kilolo Jenkins, as of 09/30/2009.  My shape is still the same one I've had since my second week here; the one gifted to me by a lovely woman named Corinne.  My inventory has definitely expanded to fit my evolving style.  This is called a natural skin, because it carries little to no make-up and sold for L$1000.  Comes in 6 other makeups; I only bought one of the six and very rarely wear it. And...it's shaved, but the makers sell a panty layer for those who wish to have pubic hair for L$300 in six different styles (no...not telling you which one I bought :P). Believe it or not...for the first time in my two years in Second Life...I actually feel at home in my skin.  It's definitely who I envisioned when I first began my time here...even if it took two years to find her pixelated manifestation *chuckles*. 

Thank you to the content creators that do make the attempt to address the darker contingent of residents here in Second Life. Even if yours was not the skin for me...I'm sure it is for someone and that...is ultimately all that matters...

Welcome home, Kilo...welcome home.

Skin from [DD] Group

Pacadi Jasha – New Release Jan 10th, 2010


January 10th, marks the official release of Pacadi Jasha’s EUPHORIA Accessories Collection!  This designer makes some of the most stunning lingerie and fashion items that I have seen on the grid!  I was so lucky to see the wonderful at the Secret Fashion show some weeks ago, where this pairing was displayed on the runway :)  Pictured here is the Pacadi Jasha “Oona Bra & Panties #01”  accessorized boldly with the Mairey leather belt.  This photo simple does not do this set justice at all.  The lace work on the bra and panties alone are worth the purchase, in a nice light faded blue-purple it’s quite the accent to any skin tone.  Wearing it with the belt makes such a bold statement, however you can also wear it without if you should choose.  Both items are highly detailed and wonderfully textured.  I am quickly becoming a fan of PJ’s items, because of the quality that is released to the public, and the affordability of the items as a whole.  This is a MUST GET set for those looking to add a lil spice to the bed room *winks*

Here are some other Pacadi Jasha items that you might consider adding to your collection, I know  that I have quite a few of them, and have gifted out on occasion also.  Trust me when I say that once you wear Pacadi Jasha, you might not wanna wear anything else because it is just too beautiful to be covered under more clothing layers!

Other new released today include:  Niral Tube Scarf in 7 colours,  Yfke bags,  Ashanti, Dayia and the Paua Shell Earrings, and the 33 new poses in the EUPHORIA Building.


Blogger Challenge #2 – Then & Now

When Sacred Fashion posted up a glimpse into her starting in SL, and then turned it into a blogger challenge, I couldn’t help but to do it.  I mean really, when we first all came in world, we looked noobish.  Most of us coming in world around 2006-2007 when the whole fashion/skin/shape industry of SL was not as prominent as it is now.
I remember it taking me MONTHS to save up L’s just for a cute new outfit, and OMG, I was the QUEEN of freebie shopping, picking up EVERYTHING under the sun no matter how hideous it looked, just so I would have some variety in my clothing *smiles*
So here is a photo view for all the loyal Shop*gasm readers.  The “evolution” of Suitelady DeCuir…
I started in world on April 28th, 2007 for my second attempt at seeing how cool SL was.  I did originally join back in 2006, but found the grid hard to navigate, and never found many places to make friends.  Also still dealing with the recent death of my mother in RL, I left for about a year before making another entrance.
2007 until Present…..

I know I know its small.  I still shudder when I see this photo, apparently at one time I thought this was a rather, um… edge and attractive look?  This is one of those “What in the sam hell were you thinking”  I don’t remember much about this look to be honest, I have completely blocked it from memory..LOL

This photo is from almost a year later when I met a friend of mine off livejournal, and she told me that she played Second Life.  She is one of the reasons that I actually came back in world.  I was pointed to ETD, and immediately fell in love with their hair.  At the time aside from Gurl6, ETD was the place for awesome hair.  Still wearing the newbie skin, I also stumbled upon and paid for my shape.  Yes it is the SAME SHAPE I wear today.  That I have never changed, and its very doubtful I ever will.  It was modeled after a Playgirl Model, but the store is no longer in world, and for that I feel kinda lucky to have a one-of-a-kind (in my mind at least).

WOW, back in the latter part of 2008, when I discovered cuffs, and REFUSED to take them off my person.  This is from Christmas time as you can tell by my awful attempt of making Santa clothing sexy… LMAO
The skin – The oBscene Ganesha, I have since deleted after a massive inventory clean (read my previous posting).  But I wore it for the better part of a year.  Never changing it, never getting different makeups etc.
Also note, I didnt have tattoos at this time… YET.

Sometime between the latter part of 2008 into 2009, I was lost.  This is me re-emerging as my own.  My love for [42] skins quite apparent in my inventory as at the time, I had every skin they had released.  I was in love with shopping. 
Big fan of Zaara, Truth, Potassium, League, SG, Deviant Kitties, and of course, still ETD until they left for some time.
Early 2009 was my year to discover myself.  To make Suite, who I though she was, and make her look AWESOME, quite a leap from my early beginnings, but omg what a change.

This is the current version of Suite <3  *Click for a larger photo*
I can’t tell you where I get my eyes or skin, that's a secret :p  But she is the recent incarnation of who I am in world.  Still rocking the shape I bought so long ago, still loving the red hair, I have worn it since coming in somewhat full-time, that Suite without red hair or this tattoo is just a HUGE no-no. 
Thanks to the discovery of fashion blogs for SL, and subsequently becoming one myself with my sisters, my experience has only been improved, 10-fold.  So thank you :)
If you would like to do the challenge, click here to see the details.

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